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Heat in the Heartland: Climate Change and Economic Risk in the Midwest

Donna Shalala: Start factoring climate risks in our long-term planning

President of the University of Miami, Former HHS Secretary, and Risk Committee Member Donna Shalala: "In Florida, as with other coastal states, property development has only been possible because our sea levels have remained relatively stable over the past several centuries. But that’s no longer the case. Our oceans are rising at an accelerating pace primarily as a result of the thermal expansion and melting ice caused by climate change."

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What’s the Economic Risk From Climate Change?

Too often in the U.S., the climate conversation falls down one of two partisan rabbit holes—ending up either focused on the question of whether the science is “real” or whether one particular policy solution is a job killer or creator. In falling into these familiar debates, both supporters and opponents miss a basic question: How much economic risk do we face from climate change?

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Cisneros: Texas can't pretend it's immune to climate change

Former HUD Sec. Henry Cisneros: "For the past decade, Texans have enjoyed a robust economy, buoyed by an enduring oil and gas boom, a surging real estate and jobs market, and a new wave of transplants ... But looking into the not-to-distant future, several pillars of our economic engine could be threatened by a changing climate."

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Has climate change become a business story?

Robert S. Eshelman reports a broad change in the media's discussion of climate change. Once restricted to the science page, since June it has begun to receive coverage on the business and financial pages. And business leaders are taking note.

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Reducing climate risks for coastal communities

Former U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe and former HHS Sec. Donna Shalala: "As a Republican and Democrat, we teamed up to make the case that at its core, climate change should not be a political issue. Instead, it is fundamentally about risks to our safety and economy, and how to reduce those risks."

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The Coming Climate Crash

Henry Paulson on lessons for climate change in the 2008 recession: "We’re staring down a climate bubble that poses enormous risks to both our environment and economy. The warning signs are clear and growing more urgent as the risks go unchecked. This is a crisis we can’t afford to ignore."

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