The Uncertain Nature of Real Estate and Climate Change

Green Home Builder Op-Ed

Next week, new research conducted by the Risky Business initiative will for the first time spell out many of the economic risks the United States faces from climate change. The research should be of particular interest to the real estate and building industries, which face both risks and opportunities from a changing climate – and have critical roles to play in helping lead the way to a solution.

The Risky Business analysis, which was led by independent, nonpartisan researchers at the Rhodium Group, assessed the business consequences of climate change from rising temperatures, sea level rise and storm surges, and the impact of changing climate patterns on our most important food crops.
The research is useful for those in the building and real-estate industries, as well. Industry-specific climate impacts, including those for improved property, were derived from scientific projections drawn from 40 of the leading global climate models, developed by expert research groups around the world. Because of the robustness of the data, it is possible to calculate how expected changes in the climate system translate into economic consequences on the ground.

Read Henry Cisneros’ full op-ed in Green Home Builder here.

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